Leaders are shepherds.

We shepherd several wholly-owned subsidiary companies to help our clients achieve their goals and dreams.

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Shepherd Leadership
Leadership is selfless service; Our success is defined by the success of those we lead.
Market Leaders

Our subsidiary companies strive to be ahead of the curve bringing innovative yet proven strategies that propel your vision forward. For over 20 years, we have led our clients to stand apart from their competition, positioning them as market leaders.

Innovative and disruptive technology and processes that combine big-data and business intelligence in a turn-key solution. We deliver more and better customers and empirically quantify the results - wait for it... with a money-back guarantee.

We optimize people, processes, and plans to maximize effectiveness. Change management consulting, data-driven dashboards, and more through practical implementation of 4DX.

Saas solution that combines social, email, and SMS marketing to drive in-store foot traffic to multi-location retailers primarily with limited shelf life.

One of the most affordable SaaS texting offerings with consent-based group texting and non-consent required Peer to Peer texting, all in a single platform.

Known as IDdigital, Inc. for the past 20 years, an innovative digital marketing agency that brings decades of experience with cutting edge innovations to bear.

Data-informed, Programmatic Display Advertising (PDA) buying. We are a pioneer in PDA and leverage our longevity to not only be an expert, routinely outperforming industry standards, but we are also one of the most affordable media buying companies around.

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